Recession Over?

I don’t agree.

But hey! The Media’s strategy by infusing our news with positives will help us believe that the recession really is over.


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Savoir Faire


knowledge of just what to do in any situation; tact.
Why start off with such a definition? Well, this phrase has inspired me to write about the casual observations of day to day life of professional women and women beginning their journey into their careers. Wouldn’t it be useful and to our advantage to squeeze as much out of “knowledge is power”? Definitely.
Here I will bring to you tips and information inspired by women who have made themselves known through their success in all walks of life. if you were intimidated by the sheer presence of powerful women and their cloaks of confidence, I have faith you will find discovery in their secrets.
With that said, I leave you with this link Women of strength: power comes from within.