The best ship to sail away on…

»My close friend Paula once told me:

“The best ship out there is friendship…not titanic.”

How many friends do you have or think you have? Can you count them on your fingers? What does it take to be a friend? In the year 2010, What does being a friend mean?

I ask this because as our world continues to explode each moment with a newer technology and faster connection, sometimes we forget to slow down and take notice of the things around us. Most of all, the people who are in our lives and those who are waiting to become part of it.

These days it is apparent friendship is being assumed. People meet one another and can hang out. But they can never get past that barrier that could link them as deeper level friends. Why?Are we afraid of getting hurt? Judged? Used?

» When you become really close with people, and you become even closer than just acquaintances, and friends, and become like siblings,  that’s the greatest bond achieved. This is why I can only count only so many ships in my harbor, cause the rest are still little sailboats waiting to board the big decks. My friendships have weathered the deepest storms, traveled and kept in touch through distances, and have always come back to share their tales.

If there is one thing I learned in my life as important as friendship, it is just as important to not to be afraid and embrace the risk of being a friend and making friends.

Here are some things that can get that friendship boat rowing:

– Know yourself as a person – Often we change the way we act or dress because we believe it will make us more presentable and increase our likeability in the eyes of other people. Be yourself. Your mom has probably stressed this into your brain.

– Be open – The best friendships are ones we make out of nowhere. It’s like any other relationship – we can find a friend anytime of the day & anywhere. As long as your intentions are true you cannot go wrong, unless the other person is being false-faced.

“Life is a field, it is meant to be cultivated.” If you think you could use another friend, don’t hesitate to find out if that person can use one too.