light …. Bulb!

There will always be two sides to a story and remember that majority of the time the moral of the story is miscommunication or inflexibility.



Okay. First of all, Japan is a First World Country, people.
Don’t get caught up in the fact that the disasters the US has encountered in the past 5 years is not comparable to Japan’s response to this tragedy.

Why must I say that? Because today another heinous crime has been committed by media. I happened to watch CBS or FOX whichever conglomerate the other day and noticed that a reporter was instigating fanatically about what’s happening over in Japan. His purpose was to gather sensation on the subject, the Japanese are lost without guidance.


Save it for another disaster and another time because Japan has GOT IT ON LOCK. For real.
Why does media always portray such heartrending stories but do absolutely nothing to contribute to the positives? Before you make assumptions about anything you see on TV or the News, be sure to think for yourself.

For example:

– Japan has been preparing FOR YEARS for the likely event of Tsunamis or Earthquakes occurring in that part of the hemisphere. I lived there for 2 1/2 years, encountered my share of earthquakes and typhoons; They are highly expected.

– They are more concerned with the irreparable damage that can be cause by the possible leak of radiation. (I assume worse circumstance since being bombed.) Compared to our own people, They noticeably wear face masks .. whilst workers in our country find them uncomfortable and not worthy to be dealt with (Hah! Have you read on the illnesses many 9/11 firefighters and workers experience now?) I’m pretty sure looking weird will save your health in the long run.

– Just because an event is devastating to such a huge population, they are still human. That means we keep going on no matter what. Japan in this situation has done that, they have moved on from the event and are now rebuilding and repairing.

No matter how you slice it, Japan is in a good economical situation, for now. Depending on how fast they get everything up and runnning and out of danger zone, people will see that Japan is more than capable of getting out of this bind.

This is Japan’s opportunity to redevelop the whole devastated area and build a stronger foundation. Such an opportunity comes during tragic times, this is Japan’s chance to implement better technologies along their coastal areas and develop a better evacuation system. Is it all negative? No it is not and people should remember that as human beings we are strong in the face of adversity.

I am praying for the souls lost by the wave of Tsunami Ruthless (I shall name it Ruthless, because in fact this Tsunami was). For my friends and relatives who might have been affected, thank goodness you were either too far south/inland, or stationed back in the US and am happy that you are safe.

Japan will in no time be back in business. An event of this caliber will shake our confidences, but will not discourage us to progress but rather keep us looking forward.


With that said, Don’t forget about past events and the long term effects.

GOP Kills Healthcare for first line 9/11 responders: Do you know that coal dust is lethal, especially inhaled?

Gulf Oil Spill Helps explain air pollution mystery: Out of sight , out of mind? Do you know what’s going on now that coverage has faded away from the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

Louisiana 5 years after Hurrican Katrina :They have the opportunity to redevelop and reconstruct, but are we supported by US govt?


What am I saving with Daylight Savings?

Ah! It happened again. Did my iLuv and iPhone just have a war while I slumbered? Why did I awaken feeling in the first time invigorated that it was 8:21am?, while thinking,”8:21am? Still early! Can snooze just a bit longer …”

Then I realized (after awaking to 9:30am on my iLuv)after sitting up in bed, there was more outside light. I frantically sought council from my iPhone, because technology has bowed us to be reliant on them, and discovered that I have been had . again.

Daylight Savings Time?!?!

It sneaked in while my guards were down. With so much going on in my mind and around me somehow DLS invited itself in my life. Last year it snuck up on me while I was inebriated from a birthday celebration. Imagine my confusion! I was such a mess the next day.

And now … Daylight Savings you’ve ruined my Sunday plans to start the day fresh and early. But will I disdain you? Will I disparage the fact you are a bi-annual intruder into my normal routine?

No, I shall make the decision to not.

Each year at this time that we lose an hour of sleep. But I can’t say much if I don’t think about why DLS exists. This is why I am grateful for internet. Wikipedia was my go-to for quick edumacation.

“spring forward, fall back”

That’s how you’re supposed to remember DLS? Oh, if I’ve known that mnemonic I would not have been in such an almost sticky situation. Thank goodness DLS was arranged for Sunday or Monday would have been a disaster.

Well, Did Wikipedia provide the answer to my question of “What do I save?”, Apparently applies to the flexible concept of time and our inflexibility to embrace it. More sunlight during the day, and longer nights in the winter? *Sigh* Perhaps I’ll be more informed when I catch DLS when we must “spring forward”

Ha! “A day at the Recruiter Factory”

Found this tid bit …

“I still want to become a big-billing recruiter …” LOL

If you never thought about what kind of process a recruiter needs to go through everyday to recruit candidates and make sales, this was a good video about if a recruiter is inflexible with their methods. The cartoon character wasn’t really listening and only doing what he thought was enough, but it never clicked that is the key to “bigger billings”. Being on the phone for extended periods of time seeking Top candidates and talent does eat up a lot time but with “due diligence” that is how you do your job, maybe even more.

There are bad recruiters and there are recruiters who persevere even when the horizon looks bleak. Everyday is different for the IT recruiter, sometimes satisfying and sometimes frustrating. I like to think I am in a good place as a recruiter but AHH with all the “incidents” in the way of me making any placements is quite frustrating. Success is measured by what you do and how you do it, and that is what is keeping me motivated. If you haven’t already check out the page listed next to “About Me” to read more about the typical day a recruiter goes through.

Rejection, rejection, rejection … then ah hah! Positive! <– I live for that just wished it happened more often. All I know and have learned through experience that it requires upping your game, switching up your techniques, and creatively thinking outside the (office) box.

If you’d like to know more about the daily life of a recruiter let me know!

Letting Loose

So I’ve been a recluse for months and our excursion to Reno NV was a gateway to my letting loose (if you count the endless drinking while trying to breath haha)

Last night we went out for a few drinks with Trisha. BTW It was awesome catching up BUT we got inebriated way too fast. So my night ended quite bobbly wobbly but you know what? It took off so much weight from my shoulders to just have that ounce of fun.

I always keep in mind, everyone dies but not everyone lives. These moments in time are the special things that you need to appreciate. It’s not about the job you hold, or what you wear, it’s what you do in the moment that will get you to where you want to be.

There is so many things that I might want to accomplish but if I don’t get through today, tomorrow’s success won’t be sweet to taste.

Aw! What a refreshing weekend!

So I didn’t have time to post about our weekend getaway but I’ll give a quick rehash.

– The Drive was smooth all the way up to Reno –>take that anxious and overcautious boyfriend of mine!

– FORGOT MY INHALER. That is a big No-No in my book, but somehow it happened. I was approx. 20 hours without my ventolin and stuck it out. Slight damage to my bronchioles I imagine but Hey did the pharmacies I had to coordinate with care? Obviously not because it took them 11 hours to send me my prescription to Reno, NV.

– Kahlua, our pitbull, had a blast exploring the suite we were placed in. She was spoiled and was allowed to sleep on the king-size with us.

– Pauly Shore was placed next to us at Rim Sushi at Grand Sierra Resort. I did not know why I allowed a giggle slip past my lips when my boyfriend complimented Pauly on his movie talents.  I personally liked his first movies.

– The driving range was fun and made us sore


– The guys continued drinking from morning to night because they believe it made everything 10x better.

– Ended the weekend with Harrah’s Champagne brunch Buffet

– Ride back was snowy/rainy. Got home safe though 🙂

— I was amazed my battery started up after being left for a few days but ha come Monday morning, it was dead and got jumped by my neighbor. Thank you Neighbor #3!