The Dangers of the Spring Season

Beautiful sun shining overheard, with the flora and fauna retreating from their winter hide-a-ways and embracing the warmth of coming spring. The mornings are no longer as nippy as a few months ago, and I feel compelled to trade my winter coat for a casual zip-up hoodie. I’ve been picked up from work and we drive over to C Von’s place.

*sneeze* dammit again? Then the memory of annoyance at spring’s conditions to warm weather – pollen & weeds.

Davis and Woodland are two very similar places – Small, quiet locations surrounded by trees and acres of nearby farmland. Centers of mass pollination. If you walked through the town on a light breezy day, you can even smell the promiscuity of the trees as they send signals indicating they are about to flower. If you know what I mean, it has a rich protein smell reminiscent of body fluid.

Being surrounded by so many pollinating and germinating plants and trees can be overwhelmingly for the casual visitor to this area. This brings with it a few lessons of caution.

* Always have allergy medicine on hand

* Never rub your eyes

* Keep drinking water

With these tips you can bear suffering for just a while until you return home to air conditioning and a refuge from spring not without feeling of swollen itchy eyes or congested sinus.

Besides the predictability of plant reproduction, there is the other danger. WEEDS. Contrary to its slang term for medicinal marijuana, ACTUAL weeds are cumbersome, stubborn, and deadly. In particular is the common FOXTAIL.

One day, our dog Kahlua, was playing in the open field right beside C Von’s place. For the past few weeks, what looks like wheat begins to grow rapidly overtaking the field and harboring rabbit fugitives. My mind is on alert. FOXTAILS. How I hate them. These things cause distress for my furry Marwyn back in San Diego CA. Yet, today was different.

*Shake* *snake* *whimper*

“Why is she shaking her head? Is something in there?”

“Yes, it is a foxtail.”

a Foxtail?!! How in the hell did it get in there. My knowledge of these onerous things kick in. They are barbed and are known to keep on traveling, if through soft tissue, even faster.They even have record of a foxtail going straight through a shoe’s rubber insole to pierce the person’s foot!

How outrageous! Confirmed by C Von’s experience (Hazel had to be taken twice for foxtail removal from her ear), we had to wait until the following morning because we couldn’t afford the emergency fee ($115 are you kidding me?) By then, the foxtail had pierced her eardrum, and Vic had to commit to memory of her pained cries while they inspected her ear to find it. They had to put her under anesthesia and removed a close to an inch in length of rogue foxtail.

(Picture to come soon)

It was a terrible ordeal that set us back monetarily but for my pup I’d do anything. So for those who don’t know the dangers of spring. Watch out for Foxtails and those things that poke through your socks.


The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it. ~Dudley Moo

Yesterday we went on a lovely Sunday Hike around Lake Berryessa. Sun shining, we made good time to make our arrival around 5pm.

Tough as it was, feeling so small in comparison to these beautiful hills and mountains takes my breath away. And it is not even a feeling of inferiority but rather one defining “majestic” and “inspiring”. Yes, the hike can quickly become tedious when you have already acquired sense and knowledge of the territory we covered, but the discovery of what is beyond the next round is awesome.

We didn’t settle for the side trail that would lead us again to a beautiful spot among trees and boulders but continued the hike higher and higher, since the top didn’t seem to far away and our time was still good. On a side note, we used the shadows climbing the opposite hill behind us to time our hike. Anyways, it was worth the extra effort to keep on climbing beyond our last stop point.

Panoramic view? We saw the light hit the top of the “peak” and we ran towards it and discovered a great view. No wonder people love to hike. It’s worth the trek to see the other side and to keep going. It makes you want to continue on to discover more views, more destinations, and even thoughts of conquering the half-dome one day popped in conversation.

It’s a Definitely “I Can Do It” Moment. We spent a good 15 minutes enjoying the view before we decided to make the quick hike down and back down to the car. Albeit, faster because there is an old trail that people still use that is parallel in some parts. There was a brook or stream that we heard on our way up and we decided to take the extra few minutes to go down to the water and to hear the “bubbling” of the rushing water.

We almost lost Kahlua there because she is deathly afraid of water in any form near her and her collar came off. But I was in a good position to grab her scruff and scold her sternly for freaking out. She would have ran off far enough from the water but I didn’t want to take any chances.

Finished and full from the escapade into nature we walked back to the car satisfied with accomplishing such a feat (ha me being out of shape and the rest getting used to hiking) and thoughts of dinner storming in our minds. Fresh Choice? Sounds like a plan!

Berryessa is a wonderful place to spend Sundays cruising to and fro from bustling towns to serene nature and rolling hills. But it’s also a location for young people, my peers, to head out for a day of fun. How some people define fun can differ and sometimes people make bad choices.

Approximately 10 minutes before we arrived to a slow curving area of Rd 128, we encountered a tragic scene.

Flagged down to slow, a man in a blue sweater tells us there is an accident, for sure a head on collision. He wasn’t an EMT or Official, he was a bystander that happened across a brutal possible drunk-driving incident that resulted in two 4-dr sedans being crushed by impact of collision. Obviously, one car had veered towards the left, while the car that he had collided with smashed in both front ends. Immediately I prayed that the people in both cars were not struggling for life waiting for paramedics. We passed slowly through to ensure traffic would not block alerted first response EMTs and Fire trucks.

Ironically, people may misjudge their own abilities and in turn take for granted not just their own lives, but their responsibility for other people’s lives. I am skeptical that it was drunk driving because I do not have the facts myself. But if it were, i hope people will understand that there is no greater risk than taking an action that can result in negative consequences. Know your limits. If people were more conscious of consequence, would it reduce the # of incidents? Probably so, but until it happens, my only word of advice is to stay defensive, think of other people besides yourself when you drive (road rage is not an excuse), and THINK before action.

Although, we passed through and witnessed the aftermath of a tragedy, one must keep their spirits high and regard that life is truly a gift.

Chocolate and Tears

I’m typing this as I’m lying on my mussed up bed, tapping the wall with my toes. Shadows of dusk approaching, slits of sunlight striated vertical across its temporary canvas of wall. A calm from the surrounding silence, the whir of passing cars, and fading light is defining a moment of peace. What am I thinking? Shall I begin the words anew?

Hmm. Time to myself. Vic’s at Cvon’s.

I’ve been thinking of friends. friends of old and friends of new. some who fold and some who are true.

She hasn’t found her inner self yet, so she makes the wrong decisions until theres is nothing left farther than down so that’s when she’ll look up to see herself. Reach is far but she continues to lean far out into the sky.

Flight is so easy, She must lift high above. But reality snaps her back and tells her she must not. The questions linger in her mind, the ones that only she can answer. But Can heartache be confused for pain? Can friendship turn into love? She gazes with no focus when she thinks of someone loved. Can we… us two…have courage to love?

Strength. The word is whispered in her thoughts. But it isn’t what she wants right now. Her strength is emotion pulling the gears in mind. Racing against reason and true strength. Power and Love. There is no balance. Balance. How do I balance? but that too is a whispered sigh of a second thought.

It’s deceit. Yes, it is. Reach within and feel for that feeling that comes when you anticipate a hurt or sorrow. It’s deafening to hear thoughts because troubled waters rush and roar. Sinking feeling, drips and drops of watercolor rain drops background two-toned perception. Aimless heart, you’ve crippled my ability to bare finesse.

Thud. Flat on my back. I must change. Change. Tears and loneliness cocoon. Transform me into one who is empowered, delighted, and pursued. Prayers sent to a God, half wishing they come true.

I tasted, it was a bit premature, but I must not indulge myself. If the sensation was canorous & sweet sinful song rushing through your veins. The temptation is understandable.

To you, this poem I dedicate, for love in my heart weighs more than abandon.

Amor nel cor

“It was for him, for him whom she loved like a god,
For him, callous to all human sorrow, uncouth to women.
Alas, she was poor and had little to give
But all gifts are sacred that incarnate a soul.

Well! In a novel of traveling-salesman style,
As nauseating as a toxic wind,
He mocked the gift in a flat-footed phrase,
Yet kept the fine agate seal.”