Are you afraid of the thought?

Have ever been afraid of thinking? Or do you chalk it up to being too busy, too in a rush, to consider the preciousness of a thought?


If it were me …

Waiting for this week to complete and then I’m all for the world and chasing the universe.

It’s a matter of self-development. Every experience and success and failure is a brick to the foundation that’s going to take you to the top. If you are afraid of heights, you’ll  never know what’s it’s like. Every day is a challenge that you must step up to. Every FAILURE is a challenge to overcome and build it into your future.

Young Blood. Choices. Soul.

You’ll lose your soul if you have nothing to live for.


If it were me …


I’ve got the sun on my back, in my hands a capri sun

going through life but at the same time i’m undone

whispers of a success ebbing the tide

and i’m running away cause theres no one to confide

hidden between the spaces, with the laces untied

free as the wind and as free as the imprisoned

shouting back for the words I should have listened

Crying doesn’t make me weak

Today is one of those days.

Well, I’m close to tears for all the wrong reasons and I’m okay with that.
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

I am a hard worker who hates being in a rut. Stagnation freaks me out. Being unsuccessful takes a deep hit to my pride. Not knowing for certain puts me at unease.

So what do I do?

I cry it all out.

Well, maybe my pride is too high for bawling my eyes out but I certainly let the waterworks on.

Let my little garden of dying dreams be nourished by the tears of my failures. With that, let my broken success sprout anew with the passion of a phoenix.

Kill me completely but I’ll rise again.

I see it as this. Cry when you need to, get up and out and put the game face on. These are crucial moments helping you figure out if you are going to make it or break it.

I have known people who go through life, living each day not wanting more than security – Financial and emotional stability. I don’t want to be one of those people in the sense of settling. Settling? Such a foreign concept but everyone experiences it, it’s just a matter of intimating with yourself. I want to be independent and known for my abilities and achievements.

Do you feel that way? Then open yourself completely to introspection.

Business is business and I control the conditions affecting me. Take it for what it is and do your best.

So what will it be? Will you let the things around you break you or make you become a stronger person?

I say , “aye” for the latter.

Here I come World, I’m coming to get you.

Fare thee well optimism

You’ve got no place in his heart

The world is cruel
And it remains so

Give way to cynicism
Friends have no meaning
When a friend is bound
everything in life is a condition

I used to be content
If I had no money
I could survive on the
Meat of books and words

Now books are futile
the strength I drew from myself
No longer exists
My motives unclear

My only refuge is my optimism
And slowly it fades away
each day I breathe
Shallower and shallower

He doesn’t know how to
move weightless but he stops
unfinished and fear of the next step
Move forward has no mean

ignorance surrounding me
I become as thoughtless as the clouds
Burst and I feel nothing
I know nothing but fear

Deep in my Soul


Do you know what Plato taught? What his opinion of women was? What he believed in?

Most of my ramblings and writings are taken from daily occurrences and snipped from figments of my imagination. The doctor within me has prescribed me to discover the bits of humor mixed with doses of incredulity.

Sarcasm and dangerous thought have since long eluded me but thus returned to me with new insight. When I am at a loss for words, the essence of meaning fades with the susurrous whisper of self consciousness. I take up the pen to submit uselessness and thoughtlesness to subversion.

Weekend reading helped me reach a higher elevation on the plane of perspicacity. Sophie’s World, an anticipation of abstractions and insights inspires me to reach within and inspect each corner of my integrity, virtue, and individuality. I find comfort in questions such as, “IS what we see what we GET?” ,  “Is there a god above all heavens or are we mere organisms with the fortune & curse to live on earth?”, “Whose speculation is right and why do people believe what they believe in?”

Having no recollection of the end of this novel is good fortune. I’ve been wisped through the ages of history’s thinkers and scold myself for forgetting! Revisiting these ideas takes me back to my classes in junior high and high school and reveals the holes which should be filled with thoughts created on their own.

For me, philosophy is the root of knowledge. Knowledge in the sense of elevating the humanmind from simplicity to a complex operation. it escapse me to why philsophy in general has no true presence in our educational system today, and I believe it has stunted the growth of many would-be leaders. Yes, I agree there is natural selection but some individuals were cultivated into leaders, especially thought leaders. Why do you think there is a mentor and pupil?

Today you see that model in the work world being used to advance professionals in their field of work. But what substance is there when the mind is no longer appreciated but in the confines of a box office world? Thoughts and thinking do not feed the body but the metaphysical body. Can you see the decay? We have the option  to pursue the history of philosophy and I am sure many university students today are only concerned with their dedicated major and aspirations they forget to make space for free and abstract think modes.

It is the same reason that I believe students in school are missing out as a core to their foundation. We all are searching for something in our lives and I believe that people have forgotten our humanistic roots. Can you tell me why you feel so lost and forlorn? It is because world of today has made no change in answering life’s origin. I understand the cynicism and indifference to real living when the people around you have lost touch with themselves and their mind. Good for those who have stayed sane enough to get through each day, since a majority of us will continue to live ordinarily. On another thought, Students in school [i’ve observed this in public universities] continue to place a high priority on learning just enough to make it in the business realm while neglecting their individuality. See, there must be a correlation between the masses who are graduating with degrees and are lost in a career path who end up in something they hate but circumstance keeps them compared to students who have developed their sense of self with no inhibition to how other people think of them. These individuals are the most successful but there is still not enough!

Observe why people join organizations, fraternities, sororities, clubs, professionals networks, business ventures….they feel they must to elevate some level in their lives because what they find is not what they seek.

What do you think of those individuals whom we learn briefly about in our history classes? Who can you name as the father of philsophy, or more specifically how far can you go back in history and name a few who have influenced contemporary thought? Who today is asking life’s greatest questions and mystery?

I exhort you also to take part in the great combat, which is the combat of life, and greater than every other earthly conflict.

Good ol fashioned citizen crime watch

This guy’s macbook was stolen out of his apartment in Oakland CA.

Police did not consider it a priority [what with budget cuts and all, ‘limited resources’] that this guy was compelled to get some attention focused on this injustice.

Thankfully with his tech prowess, he was able to provide evidence and get his laptop returned [that is after good morning america contacted OPD]

Shoot, i’d do the same thing, macbooks are EXPENSIVE.