Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there lived a woman named Sight.

She lived in a crowded city, in a small studio, with a small dog named Spirit.

The thing is Sight had no ability to see through her eyes, only to hear, to touch, to smell, and to sense.


In her existence she lived fully and deeply with laughter.

One thing she took great pride in was art.

Art of the senses, art of the world.


Most people would write her off because of her disadvantage.

But unbeknownst to these people who looked at her,

she could see deeper than any one of them could.


Irony. Her favorite hobby was photography.

To hear the click and snap of the shutter.

To imagine the world around her.


She could see things no one else could.

Pastures of green, of sun, and of life.

She felt the beating of the earth’s heart.


One day Sight came across Ignorance.

He was rude, unchastised, manly.

But she sensed something beneath.


So she took a picture.

“This is what I see.” Nothingness was in his eyes.

Ignorance shuddered at the truth.


“Truth is not what we see, it is what we feel.”

Reverence at the thought Ignorance.

She touched his shoulder lightly.


Ignorance bloomed into Knowledge.

He saw her sight in her photographs.

Something missing, he felt.





Dreams are where we rest our desires, but also where we see our futures.

I say this because I do see moments from the future the same as seeing moments of my past.

For the past few years of my life, I’ve begun to realize those crazy, strong feelings I have during a dream pointing to a hazy moment of a dream fabricates later on in another part of my life.

People mostly know these moments as DejaVu and frankly the deja vu moments in my experience I wish it could reveal more to me than just a random moment. I’ll need to demonstrate what I mean:

Ex. 1: I had a dream [i can’t place when and where  i dreamed it but I remember the exact feeling of knowing that it was significant] of being in a place where people were continuously walking here and there. I could tell we were in a place with many tourists and I faintly could remember noting a wheelchair ramp, a man in a wheel chair, the smell of pretzels, and flourescent lighting. Somewhere in my dream I could sense this feeling of recognition deep in my chest and hardly breathing because I couldn’t fathom what to do. I did a quick turn and saw round roman arches and terra cotta tiles like I was in an airy area then it was a whimsical moment into another dream.

Analysis and Deja Vu Occurence:

I woke up thinking “That is so weird to REMEMBER this exact moment and why my senses were soaking it all in as though this particular moment is something that I will remember.

Coincidentally, perhaps months or years later I had gone home for Thanksgiving break and my sister, stacy[my freshman roommate at the time] , and I went to tour San Diego’s museums in which we landed ourselves in one of the popular tourists spots, I believe near the atrium.

Along this colonial walk, we had gone in to the gift shop to check out the free museum schedule as we wanted to see what else was available. This was around 4pm.

Freeze. I noticed I waited in this hallway, sort of like the transition place between outside and going into the building. What caught my eye were the arches since this area of Balboa boasted the rich history of missionaries. Then my eyes skimmed to the clock above a display case, then what else but a wheelchair ramp below! To confirm my deja vu moment, I smelled pretzels from a nearby cart vendor.

I stood there, dumbfounded, acknowledging this data processing inside my head. What else could I do with this but tell my sister the discovery of a deja vu moment. I tucked this away for safekeeping and decided to note it as part experiment should this arise again.

Ex2: My dream was jumping from dream to dream. But one moment I realized in slow realization I knew I was living with one of my sorority sisters where I saw her standing in my door way addressing me and my boyfriend. I couldn’t tell what we saying to each other but then I noted the computer screen to my right with abstract fractals and colors dancing upon the monitor.The complementary colors of green and red flashing into spheres and lines.

The dream occurred perhaps around the time after I had been active in my sorority for awhile. When I Woke up my first thought was, “Why would I dream of living with Sam? Why of all things should I remember this?? Is this another one of those?” Details in my dream were etched as a memory waiting to happen. So I tucked this away as well, remembering if this happens then these Deja Vu moments were not ordinary but glimpses of my destiny. Such a word, destiny.

I told Vic immediately so I could have him verify what I said was true if ever the moment of Deja Vu came to pass. This is what I remember telling him, “It’s so weird to dream about living with Sam. If this ever happens, I’ll point it out to you.”

You’ll never guess but I want to say perhaps a year or so later, We found ourselves looking for a new place to stay and my sister Sam offered us their spare bedroom. The Deja Vu moment didn’t occur until we were there for over 7 months, the dream shelved away from an immediate a-ha!

What had happened was we were sitting in our room, listening to music when Sam knocked upon the door and asked something of us [I cannot for the life of me remember at this time but I think it had to do with either eating or rent]. Then slowly my deja vu spilled into reality like surges of power through a network all at the same connecting everything that happened in my dream. “Stop.” I said. “This is my deja vu moment exactly.” I turned to my right, I realized in my dream it was showing me that it predicted that Electric Sheep would be on my computer [Check Electric Sheep ], and I stared at Sam for the longest time standing in my doorway.

Oh to feel this way was not reassuring because I could not understand it at all. Why these random insignificant moments to be remembered and not something more useful. But that is another question, “Do I want to know my future in glimpses?” People seek to know the future, but what about people who go about wanting to go with the flow?

Comparing both dreams I can stretch it to link both as I was in between two places, outside and inside.

Analysis and reflection upon these dreams brings me to a few conclusions but overall I get frightened at the thought of experiencing negative deja vu moments. Inside I feel like there it is bursting, destiny becoming impatient with me.

Lately, I’ve been sensing something but my dreams I can’t recollect when I wake in the morning. I believe that it comes from a mind being open and sensitive to a metaphysical plane beyond our sight but there is no truly knowing.

Have you ever experienced and remembered deja vu in your dreams or flashes of memory that you never had?


is the space between time and memory.

Fiscal limits create a box in which we are indirectly limited by the things holding us down. From then we imagine with eyes closed that tropical air freshener as an island breeze (oh as your fan slowly cycles back and forth), our modest hills we hike as majestic mountains, and dreams of fame upon that soap box. The sweet simple memory of dreaming and from creating memories.

Distance … separates us with its hands of time and memory. Will you really remember where you have gone?

From the fibers of being woven in complex webs of hours, minutes, and second. The young yearn to be overwhelmed by majesty, by feelings of awe and wonder, to live an uncouth life. We wonder, is yearning designed to make us desire that which can only be obtained through breaking through boundaries created by time and space.

I admit. It is a rush to be surrounded and swallowed up life’s complexity. But the stress of it is amazing. Remember to see it as it is but also with an eye of wonder.

Sometimes we put away our eye of wonder at too young an age.