Let go, but I’ll see you soon

Sometimes, I wonder if you are near. But I am not one of those sensitive people of the worlds between worlds.

Just yesterday, He told me that you were around because he felt calmed.  Kahlua saw you. She wagged her tail and looked at a spot right by the warehouse door, barking as though she knew someone was there – where I clearly remember you standing there in your low boots and welcome smile. telling us how awesome it was to be away from the city for the weekend. He said it happened twice and both times everything just felt …  nice.

I normally brush those things off because I never get the first-hand experience, but I’ve had plenty of stories told to me of loved ones who came to visit – in some shape or form.

Like when my great grandmother passed away, she came to my mom in the form of a group of white butterflies. She knew it had to be her because it was in the middle of the night while she was reading and the dogs next door suddenly began barking. This was back in the 90’s when garages were on springs and lifted up at an angle. The garage was slightly opened and they just drifted in and fluttered around her. Just as soon as they came, they fluttered right back out. The next day my grandmother called my mom to let her know that inay passed away.

Or like when Grandma Little passed away, and we came to see them a week after it happened. This was in early 2000’s and the computer turned on. It turned on when we were all in the next room and we heard it click on, the screen buzzing on and it automatically loaded the phone dialer that Grandpa Little used as his long distance phone. You were trying to tell us you were with us and not be afraid.

Or like when His Grandpa came and visited him in his dreams. Both with messages of love and warnings. Warning him to watch out for red lights – the next day listened to his grandpa’s advice and didn’t go on a green light because he had one of those feelings. He narrowly missed someone running the red light that could have t-boned him badly. Warnings are sign that the dreams you have of deceased loved ones are visitation dreams. I believe it wholeheartedly.

Same thing when my uncle passed away. My mother felt when he was gone from this world. Even before they called (We don’t mention these things to grandma because she’s easily spooked)

Anyway, the point of this is of these thoughts is  how dearly i miss you and sometimes I hope you’d come and visit me before the great unknown. Perhaps, I didn’t see or read the signs that you did and I’m okay with that, because I believe you’re everywhere anyway. Just knock 3 times at my window at 3am in the morning, so I know you’re ok.