Goodbye oh reasonable world

If you still think it’s not about race and you believe yourself an educated person then you should realize ignorance when you see it. If you take a side subjectively without being informed and doing your own research, you are blinded by what you think you believe to be true and set. The things I get upset over are not trivial or inconsiderate but it is reserved for when people decide not to have an opinion and just spout stupid words and opinions that are not formulated from their own mind or fact checking. Make sense with your words and not compilations of other peoples opinions and thoughts. Have a voice, be insightful. Social media is not true social media when reasonable discussion and debate are flamed more often than thoughtful and insightful and valuable to the social issues at hand. We all know deep down inside the internet is a whirlpool that swirls bad and good together so much that it blinds us more than ever.

if one believes that FB is not a place for discussion of current events then what is social media good for but to hide behind a screen and step in when it actually affects us personally. This goes for forums, chat rooms, and any place you can place your comment and therefore opinion. The people who exercise their right to freedom of speech to speak hatefully and untruthfully and distastefully and disgustingly have hate for themselves. If you don’t think it is, go to different news outlets sites and read the commments section … it’s amazing how MANY people hide behind a screen to say the most disturbing things.

Everything that’s going on in the world, affects us personally. We live in the bubbles that we blow ourselves. pop the bastion of safe opinion, share your voice in an articulate fashion.

These days i’m looking up to people who place focus on the real issues at hand and don’t step back from these people.


It all started with a dab of mustard …

There is a cafe by my work. A simple, modest little cafe … the only one that caters to a building mostly occupied by state workers and a mix of professionals from the education and IT industry.

I am not a food expert by any means but I have different levels of quality I’ve honed in over the years. Were I to compare this simple spot to a Starbucks, would be completely unfair but of course to discuss the limitations of what these neighborhood cafes can do is another topic.

The cafes in business parks are extremely limited. They do not have kitchen hoods – meaning their kitchens are basically a back room with a wash area, toaster, and microwave. They do not do any cooking whatsoever – which is fine. Their business consists of sandwiches, soups, breakfast, and coffee.

I appreciate the customer service i get at this cafe – they know my name, they listen to suggestions … but the only the thing I can’t get over is … everything has a potential to be better.

Let’s start with last Monday. I had the most fantastic breakfast croissant. Amazing and mouthwatering … expectations sky-rocketed … I’m sure everyone’s heard of Porto’s in Los Angeles, I am a bread fiend and we had some time to stop by there to get there infamous potato balls before making the journey back to Sacramento. But something compelled me to order their breakfast croissant. Their price $4.15 (They have an amazing array of breads and goods, i died and went to heaven walking in there)

Anyway, my whole breakfast life changed the moment I opened up the box holding my Porto’s sandwich … First I noticed everything was nestled inside a sweet croissant, but it all started with a dab of mustard that changed the game …

It blew my mind.

In a flash, all I could think of were the weeks and days I spent my hard earned money on mediocre breakfast sandwiches … $4.08 for this “breakfast croissant” .. the only hearty meal that I would allow myself to buy in the mornings … How could I settle for this all along when somewhere out there was a better, higher quality breakfast sandwich???

My disappointment soon turned into feelings of anguish because there is nothing comparable to a Porto’s in Sacramento. Nothing! I would need to scour all the so-called bakeries in the area to find sweet croissants and then a lovely dijon mustard … to feed this growing obsession. To maybe even encourage this small cafe to consider purchasing local and higher quality breads for their sandwiches and maybe individuals like me unbeknownst to the wonders of the higher end of breakfast could appreciate will have access to …

But alas, there is literally a Costco 2 minutes from here and provides everything this little cafe needs to survive. Once I move to Sacramento with Vic, the journey for a wonderful tasting croissant breakfast sandwich will be on my list of endeavors … To share this delight with the cafe I work by and let them know that there are people who settle for less but once they are given the option of more … the possibilities are endless …

And that is that … memories of my porto’s breakfast croissant with a ham and cheese omelette and a dab of mustard. This morning I gave in and ordered one and with a “dab of mustard” … imagine my disappointment when I received a “slather” of mustard ….