Good morning Sunshine, the Earth says “Hello!”

My name is Misty and I consider myself highly. Everyone should consider themselves highly but with self-preservation of course. My goals in life are simple: Live it, love it, and leave it. Live the life you want to live with laughter shared with friends and family. Cherish it, hold it dear, and never take for granted anyone that has stepped into your life. Leave it without holding onto grudges or hate, leave behind your wisdom, your grace, and unique imprint on those that you love and leave behind and embrace whatever comes next.

I’ve never felt the need to share my insight but through a blog. I am continuously learning everyday to be a better person and hope to use this blog to account for those BANG in your face moments, instantaneous but unforgettable memories and events, and at last to hope that I can reach out to someone who appreciates an individual’s insights. I’m not perfect and neither are you but we try, right?


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