It’s April!

Today mark’s my return to the writing world. Hopefully, I don’t lapse into the tune of my past posts. Those were written with some daunting thoughts. Albeit, I do use this as a platform to write away negative thoughts as it were and in practice is a form of cleansing those thoughts from my daily life. So if you chance upon reading my previous posts, keep in mind the emotionĀ is a fickle thing and attitudes are apt to change with time.

April is one of my favorite months. April showers bring May flowers and that is definitely a little pleasure that I guiltily anticipate each year. If you pay close attention there is such simple delight in flowers. How they grow and stretch for the sun’s light and how they drink up all that the earth gives freely to them. It’s such a wonder and even moreso when you take the time as they say, to take the time to smell the roses.

People could be like flowers if they wish to be and I can see different flowers in each person or different plants representing people. Like most roses with thorns (I recently found there to be thornless roses), some people can be both beautiful and protect themselves from animals that may consume them – not giving into their circumstances while remaining poised. People can be delicate and simple like daisies or peonies serving purpose to the bees and hummingbirds.

I believe most people who choose to believe that fresh cut flowers are wasteful are my kind of people, but I can see that when we take them away from their stems we wish to possess a moment of their beauty before futility. It’s such a fleeting unexplainable feeling that is so hard for people not to give in. There is such an allure to it …

Anyway, just a disclaimer, this blog should be renamed to complete random thoughts indexed by prose. I have no real wish to be focused on any one subject but rather the syntax and flow of words. Don’t think you take a bit of a look into who I am because words are words …