dripping words

appearing slowly character after character

on the paper, on the screen, on my mind, in your hand

meaning is lost and i can no longer hear what you say

the feelings i have are replaced by other feelings

and you will never really know

i’m just cut from another cloth

i know this because i can’t understand where your words come from

space after space, then dot dot dot

i must flee from these other things and address the fact

that to belong in that world

is something quite different.

untitled poem

she left words for him and me both
those words are manifest
right before my eyes
and a twinge of joy
pulls at my inner being

she left perspective hanging on a ledge
like a secret note for him to find
at the right moment
bittersweet it was to discover

she left whispers and traces
in actions and memories
in the stars and in my heart
but i still can’t let go

she simply dreams me wishes
ignored, they cannot be

If i were in bits

I’d be wondering what I was before I shattered

Then I’d thoughtfully clean up

Because what you were is not what you are

and what you are is always changing

changing constantly consistently

maybe not consistently but there is chaos

and consistent chaos

within us leads us to who we can be

but first we pick up the pieces

and continue on our way

It still doesn’t feel like a year

But that doesn’t mean I can’t feel you influence still with me …

Your laughter I still catch lingering on the breeze that wisps through my hair

Your voice I still catch drifting in as whispers in my dreams

Your words, still lifting me up through the hard days and times when I need it the most

I know I miss you but I can only take all the positive and know the universe will right itself because your energy is still there.

See you in my dreams …